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Luciana has created her sessions to integrate many different techniques and natural therapies. She also adds messages, prayers and mantras, which potentialises the work she does. The intention is to reconnect the person with their DIVINE through a deep clearing of blockages, limiting beliefs and energies that don't resonate with who they are born to BE. This can empower the person to have clear INTUITION of the next steps they are meant to take in their journey. As well as alleviate many symptoms like anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions and others. Each session goes for around 1 hour. They can be in person or online – both are equally effective.


With the intention of educate new LIGHT workers and therapists, Luciana Brito gives courses in many of the holistic therapies she practices, delivering and sharing all her knowledge.

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 Integrated Therapies 

Luciana Brito first started her career in marketing, administration and international trade. Her passion for wellbeing and helping others however, led her to study nutrition, swimming and fitness – assisting and teaching people to improve their health through exercising and diet planning.

Throughout her journey of self-discovery, she found her true passion and purpose in many forms of natural, holistic and spiritual therapies and started supporting people in the process of finding physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Being a teacher by heart and a student of ancestral knowledge from a very young age, she shares all she knows by giving courses, workshops and private sessions to help those interested in discovering their true potential and expanding their consciousness.

In her sessions she integrates her all knowledge and experience, empowering people in finding their truth and to becoming the best version of themselves.


She is a certified practioner in many natural therapies, such as: Quantum Healing, Theta-healing, Access Bar, Facelift, Reiki (Usui), Seichim Seichem, Crystal, Hooponopono e Ikebana.

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All courses, sessions and workshops can be delivered in English and Portuguese.

 Courses  &  Workshops  

Lemurian Sisterhood Circle - Online - Português
Lemurian Sisterhood Circle - Brisbane - Online - English
Lemurian Sisterhood Circle - Online - Português
Reiki Xamânico Ma’he’o - Nivel Mestrado - Brisbane - Online - Português
Turma Guardiãs do Sagrado Feminino - Lideranças - Online - Português
Reiki Usui - Nível 2 - Online - Português
Reiki Usui - Nível 3A - Online - Português
Reiki Usui - Nível 3B - Online - Português
Seichim - Level 1 - Online - Português
Seichim Sekhen Level 2 - Online - Português
Seichim Master - Online - Português
Reiki Infantil - Brisbane - Português
Curso Magnified Healing - Brisbane - Português
Rainbow Flower Quantum Healing - Pré venda

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