Crystals Therapy


Crystals have been used to heal and balance the human being since ancient times. In the ancient culture of India, Greece, and Egypt, crystals were used to energize medicines and aid medical procedures, bringing healing to many people.


Crystals are powerful tools that bring the natural balance to the parts: physical, psychological and spiritual. They represent the power of higher nature. 

The crystals may be used in conjunction with other therapies having a particular affinity with colour therapy.

Crystals can be used in meditation and visualization practices. We can invoke the presence of a crystal through our thoughts, just imagining its colour. They bring high frequency vibrational energy, amplified and focused on the natural energies of body and mind.


  • Boosts energy and balance body, mind and soul.

  • Clears the mind and optimises health.

  • Restores confidence and raise self-esteem.

  • Protects from negative energies and remove creativity blocks.

  • Relieves depression, stress and anxiety.

  • Helps to let go of anger and resentment.

  • Increases a sense of abundance and prosperity.

  • Increases a sense of unconditional love.

Crystal course was developed for individuals with interest in learning healing techniques by energy vibrations and reaches higher energetic dimensions.


It is powerful hands-on  healing session with Luciana Brito. 


Distance healing is as powerful and effective as hands-on healing. It is suitable if you are unable to come in for an session or would like the healing energy to be sent to a family member or friends.


GET IN TOUCH if you want more information about the course, in-person or distance session. 

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