Psionic Quantum Table 


Psionic Quantum Table is actually a rectangular board with various symbols that can be selected and activated with the use of a pendulum. It has four pillars: Radiesthesia, Radionics, Sacred Geometry and Spirituality.

Quantum Psionic Table is a printed board with various  symbols that can be selected and activated with the use  of a pendulum. As everything that exists in the Universe is recorded in the unconscious mind of the Humanity, Quantum Psionic Table  gives the practitioner  knowledge that allows him/her to  use this information, and directing it. It is an instrument in itself, used for the emission of frequencies in the healing process or to align and balance situations where the emission of energy has a direct influence.

The use of the word 'quantum' indicates the model of thought in which the board was conceived where the Universe is self-conscious and we as conscious beings may somehow interfere in this Universe of Infinity Possibilities. It was also based in metaphysics, sacred geometry, dowsing, radionics, Psionic and holistic therapies.

Regia Prado (the creator of Quantum Psionic) avoided in its  conception  to anchor on the board any religion, philosophical or mystical knowledge. However, the practitioner  may adjust to the system of beliefs of the client, without imposing his/her own spiritual beliefs.

The connection is trough  the Higher Self (superconscious mind) of the Practitioner and the Higher Self of the client where all information can be collected.

The interaction of the Higher Self of the practitioner and the higher self of the client  is what makes this energy modality differs from some  modalities because the client has an important role as co-creator of her/his own wellbeing.

Crystalline Table - RP
The objective of the crystalline grid is to do deep cleansing, restructure, rearrange, balance, protect the Auric field of the interagency. Access limiting or traumatic informational content and disassembling them. To awakening the potential, used in combination with crystals and thetahealing.

Environment Green Psionic Table - RP
Effective tool to treat energy balance environments, deep cleansing, restructure, rearrange, balance, protect the field of environments, combined with thetahealing techniques.

Universal Psionic Table

Raising the self-frequency, expanding the individual and collective consciousness, being conscious and awake, being in the mission of Awakening the consciousness of mankind, empowering the operator, returning the power of Co creation, carrying out works of collective greatness and Humanitarian, combined with family constellation.


  • Works with you conscious and unconscious BEING, past, parallel, future and heritable lives, balancing energies, increasing creativity and potentiating abundance.

  • Helps in the alignment of all levels and dimensions of our being, having as the main intention to take us back to our divine essence.

  • Helps in the clearing and energisation of our vibrational field, so we can access our inner light.

  • Assists in the clearing of limiting beliefs that may be preventing us to live a life of plenitude.

  • Identifies energetic imbalances from illnesses and stimulates the reset to a healthy energetic field.

  • Helps humans as well as animals.

This course was developed for individuals with interest in learning healing techniques by energy vibrations and reaches higher energetic dimensions.


It is powerful session with Luciana Brito.  It uses healing tool, capable of treating affective, love, financial problems and depression, since it acts directly on the patient's mental balance.


Distance healing is as powerful and effective as in-person session. It is suitable if you are unable to come in for an session or would like the healing energy to be sent to a family member or friends.

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