ThetaHealing is a reunion with its essence. It is an energetic healing technique that teaches you to identify and release beliefs and patterns that prevent you from being happy.

Through this simple tool, which anyone can access, you learn to look inside, reconnecting deeply with your essence. You learn to heal, to forgive, to be fulfilled, to live in an abundant, healthy and full way.

There are increasing scientific evidences that our negative beliefs and emotions generate physical, mental and emotional illnesses and block us from accomplishing something that makes us full and happy. We need to unleash old resentments and sorrows, guilt, and deep fears and rescue our innate ability of full expression of our essence to be able to live life in its fullest potential!

The technique is widespread in more than 40 countries and used by more than 500,000 people. In Brazil alone more than 5000 people have already transformed their lives through ThetaHealing.


  • Breaks limiting beliefs and connects our being directly with the Creator.

  • Helps clear and energise the person's vibrational field so they can access their inner light.

  • Increases self-esteem and spiritual growing.

  • Ability to program the unconscious mind.

  • Promotes higher levels of creativity and financial, emotional, health and personal problem solving

  • Improves emotional connections with self and others

  • A bridge to a higher spiritual connection

  • Clears blocks and obstacles you may be experiencing within your creative expression.

  • Assists with anxiety reduction, deep relaxation and stress relief

  • Increases intuition and subconscious connection.


It is powerful hands-on  healing session with Luciana Brito. It will clear blockages and stagnant energy in your system, increase energy and create a greater sense of peace.


Distance healing is as powerful and effective as hands-on healing. It is suitable if you are unable to come in for an session or would like the healing energy to be sent to a family member or friends.

GET IN TOUCH if you want more information about the course, in-person or distance session. 

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