What a wonderful experience having Luciana as a guide to teach and help me keep my balance and peace of mind even when we need to embrace the chaos. Not only she shares all her knowledge in integrated therapies, but she also gives us consistent follow-ups throughout the way - which means we are never alone when we need to take a step forward. I can't thank Luciana enough for all the beautiful changes I've gone through since I first met her to do Access Bars therapy, which naturally led me to start expanding my consciousness with her Reiki course afterwards. I'm now applying what I've learnt in my life and I know this is only the beginning. There's so much yet to discover and hopefully, I'll always get the chance to have Luciana to guide me through it all.


I’m doing access barss consciouness, Reiki and Nutrition with her. 
Luciana is an angel in my life ! She is so kind, lovely, she is always looking after myself and also taking care of my health, body and mind ! I came to Australia without my family to study but I had lucky to had found her, she is helping me and pushing my self to do my best .
I just have to say thank you !


Since I’ve met Luciana I’m in love with her beautiful energy. She is very intuitive with her work, and her healing has helped me to reconnect with my inner self.


Love her work, her care. Lu has been looking after me for a few months now. She is always with a smile on her face coming from her heart. Highly recommended.


Luciana has not only angel’s hands, she’s got such a beautiful soul. I’ve being feeling so good, emotionally and physically after getting her massage and reiki teraphy. 
I highly recommend her services.


Luciana is a very special human being! Not only a beautiful friend but an incredible professional! Me and my husband have been doing some therapies with her and we are loving! I highly recommend her 


Luciana loves what she does and that shows in every interaction you have with her. She genuinely cares about your wellbeing and goes out of her way to provide a service that suits your specific needs. Definitely talk to her if you are looking for nutritional and fitness advice.


Luciana’s energy work is just amazing! She is truly enlightened and enlightening  I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to learn a little bit from her and have already started putting Reiki into practice, for myself and my family and have noticed a enormous shift. I also received bars of access and Psionic Quantum Table and cannot recommend these highly enough!!! Life changing  Thank you so much for your guidance and helping me on my spiritual journey!


I can honestly say I feel my life changed after I started doing access bars and reiki with Lu. Not to mention she ended up becoming my nutricionist and personal trainer, also a friend. Thank you so much for helping me Lu! You are amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Before my first session of access bars I was feeling anxious and uncertain about my next steps. During the session, as Luciana moved through the different points, I could feel a very strong energy. It was like a cleansing and energy recharge. My mind was clearer and I felt more confident about some decisions that I had to make. I am so grateful to Luciana and for her support in this journey. Namastê 

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