Luciana Brito

My passion

Inspire people to reconnect with their CRYSTALINE ESSENCE, their SOUL BLUE PRINT, to be their best version

About me

I have always been interested in spirituality. I started studying Egypt, Astronomy and Quantum Physics when I was only 8 years old. My father was already preparing me and I didn't even know.

I used to carry books in my bag either about Atlantis, spirituality or general science, and was fascinated by the mysteries of the Universe.

Since  I was  child I already had contact with the spiritual world but I didn't understand it very well, and in a certain way it bothered me because I wasn't sure how to deal with this mediunity.

For 19 years I dedicated time attending a spiritist centre and also Johrei, where I learned more deeply about spirituality, flower of light, natural agriculture, amongst others, which I study and teach about to this day. This has brought me a deeper understanding as well as peace of mind.

I worked 9 years in administration but my heart felt empty and incomplete. I wanted to work helping people around me. I moved to Australia and  at the same time  I started my journey  searching about my essence.

I've done a degree in nutrition, swimming and personal training and started educating people about the benefits of exercising and having a balanced diet. But my inner self was asking for something more.

With the help of a few holistic therapists and during mediation, I received messages that I should to follow this line of work I now do. There were a few moments of doubt, of course, but I let God guide me and show me what I was supposed to do. It all happened very fast but when I remember my history, I realise I have been in this journey for a very long time. All I needed to do was to see through it.


I then started to deepen my knowledge in the universal laws, dimensions, akashic record, reconnecting with the divine essence and also became qualified in natural therapies like Psionic Quantum Table Healing, Thetahealing, Access Bar, Facelift, Reiki, Seichim Seichem, Crystals, Hooponopono and Ikebana.


That's how I realised what resonated with my heart and my purpose, it is what I chose to do here on this planet.


I choose to help, guide and teach people to spread love energy throughout worlds and universes. This reconnects me more and more with MY DIVINE SOUL BLUEPRINT and gives me strength to inspire other people to do the same - to reconnect with their crystalline essence, to truly accept who they are so they can live the best version of themselves, choosing love and not fear.


The most interesting part is being able to use all the knowledge combined. I can help the physical BODY through exercise and healthy eating and the SOUL and SPIRIT through holistic therapies.


I am very happy I found my essence and I invite you to initiate or accelerate your journey in find yours by using these wonderful tools and techniques.


Om Mani Padme Hum
Luciana Brito

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