Happy Solstice

On 06/21, an unprecedented thing happened: to celebrate the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, they lived live since the disaster and sunrise at Stonehenge. It was beautiful to be able to tune into this portal, watch it live, such a special day. Take the opportunity to discover, in 2018, an indescribable energy.

On June 21, when the second eclipse of the month occurred, once again bringing the opportunity to leave behind what no longer serves us, to do a deep karmic cleaning, the summer solstice is also occurring in the southern hemisphere (day longest of the year), with the energies of rebirth, new stages, harvesting, new projects, letting your inner sun shine, the male energy of action and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere (longest night of the year), bringing female energy of remembrance, of rest, death of the old patterns, looking inward and letting go of everything that is no longer needed, recycling and resting, in order to prepare for rebirth and harvest in the spring in the summer.

Solstice and equinox mark the beginning of the seasons and are related to the incidence of the sun's rays and the inclination of the Earth. Due to the Earth's axis of rotation and its position in relation to the sun, the incidence of light on the hemispheres is different. These astronomical phenomena, then, represent the apparent movement of the Sun and both occur twice a year in each hemisphere.


The solstice represents the positioning of the Sun at its maximum limit, that is, the Sun will be at its peak either north or south. This greater declination of the Sun in relation to the Equator has the consequence of the greater illumination of one of the hemispheres. This phenomenon occurs at two times of the year, in June and in December.

When the solar incidence is higher in one of the hemispheres, the summer solstice occurs. When the solar incidence is lower in one of the hemispheres, the winter solstice occurs. The summer solstice is characterized by having longer days than nights. On the winter solstice, the nights are longer than the days.


The equinox represents the average positioning of the Sun in relation to the Earth, that is, none of the hemispheres is inclined in relation to the Sun, and its rays are directly incinerating on the Equator, thus illuminating the two hemispheres equally. This phenomenon occurs at two times of the year, in March and in September.

The occurrence of the equinox begins spring and autumn. Due to the same intensity of sunlight in both hemispheres, the days and nights have the same duration.

Ancient peoples of the North celebrated the transformations that occurred in nature through festivals that took place during the days of solstices, equinoxes and in the intermediate points between them. So throughout the year, eight celebrations took place, called Sabbats. The Sabbats make up the eight spokes of the Wheel of the Year. Some current traditions of worshiping the Goddess have taken up these celebrations as a way of connecting with the cycles of nature. We can connect with these dates in two ways: by celebrating festivals according to the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere, or to the nature cycles of the Southern Hemisphere.

The days of the solstices and equinoxes are auspicious and propitious for ritualizing the entrance of each season in our own way, planting what we want in our lives and celebrating our crops. In this way, we align ourselves with the cycles of nature and take advantage of the strength that each season can offer us.

About Stonehenge, it is considered an ascension portal connecting with the ninth dimension. According to Diana Cooper, on this portal is the temple of Lord Voosloo, an Ascension Master from another universe, who comes to assist our beloved planet in moments of awakening and ascension. On this special day, a suggestion is to project yourself in meditation for this beautiful portal and Connect with Lord Voosloo, and the Great Interdimensional Portal of Stonehenge. Lord Voosloo was the Highest Frequency High Priest to incarnate in the Golden Age of Atlantis and Mu. He connected with the Earth at certain times to provide energy to create a radical shift in consciousness. He did this in the Golden Age of Mu, which led civilization to rise. It was her presence in Atlantis that allowed her to become the extraordinary and legendary Golden Age.

More information about Lord Voosloo:

Color: Lord Voosloo works in the sun yellow ray.

Origin: It has frequency of the eleventh dimension, and comes from another universe.

Retreat: Above Stonehenge, an ancient,powerful portal and the anchor point of the ninth dimensional grid being put in place around the planet.

Objective: Lord Voosloo is a Universal Ascended Master and Lord of Light. He has helped this planet when there was a quantum shift in consciousness on Earth.

You can ask him to help you understand the greatest wisdom of Golden Atlantis and Mu.

Ask him to heal your soul's deepest wounds.

Ask him to help you build your crystalline body of light.

Ask to be in service to Lord Voosloo team to help spread the sun's energy and universal harmony to the entire Earth.




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