The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers - part2

Hello dear, 

 With much love and gratitude, I continue to write about the 13 matriarchs. 

 I talked about them in February, and I bring this subject up again to complement a little more about them, in a moment of healing and planetary transformation, one of the pillars to rescue the balance of the Earth, is  balance the sacred Feminine within each of us, within men and women. 

 The force of love that brings lightness and compassion to male energy, and awakens the power of healing in women, intuition and a compassionate way to direct our lives by promoting greater balance, nourishing our needs, guiding us with an intelligent and loving conscience.

 I present below, the vision of Jame Sans and Mirela Faur, on each of the 13 matriarchs, correspond to the 13 perfect lunation of 28 days, and a meditation to connect with them:

 First: Mother of Nature - One who teaches the truth and speaks to all beings

 Second: Mother of Wisdom - One who honours the truth and keeps ancient knowledge.

 Third: Mother of truth - One who assesses the truth and teaches divine laws.

 Fourth: Mother of visions - One who sees the truth in everything and sees far.

 Fifth: Mother of Quietude - One who hears the truth and listens to messages.

 Sixth: Mother of Speech - One who speaks the truth and tells stories that heal.

 Seventh: Mother of love - One who loves the truth in all manifestations of life.

 Eighth: Mother of Intuition - One who serves the truth and heals the children of the Earth.

 Ninth: Mother of will - One who teaches how to live the truth.

 Tenth: Mother of creativity - One who teaches how to work the truth.

 Eleventh: Mother of Beauty - One who walks with truth, haughtiness and firmness

 Twelfth: Mother of Courage - One who praises the truth and teaches gratitude.

 Thirteenth: Mother of Transformation (Rainbow) - One that unites the quality of all the other 12 elders, becomes the vision and teaches change.

 Transport yourself mentally to a remote plain. 

 Walk slowly through the bushes and different types of cacti, rising from the stony ground.  The air is calm, the silence broken only by the song of some birds.  

See the sun setting, colouring the sky in the most varied shades of gold and purple.  In the middle of the bushes you see a rudimentary adobe construction, half buried in the ground, resembling the shell of a turtle.  Around it, there is a circle of thirteen Indians, some elderly, some young, dressed in colourful clothes and shawls and decorated with silver, turquoise and coral necklaces and bracelets.  The older one beats a drum, the others hum a song that seems familiar.  

One of them signals you to come closer and you follow her Respectfully.

Knowing that you arrived at the Council House, where you will receive support and guidance, you enter the strange ceiling construction, through an opening, going down a rustic wooden staircase.  When you go down the stairs, you find yourself inside a "Kiva", the sacred chamber of initiation of the native peoples. The walls are decorated with thirteen shields, each decorated differently, with feathers, coloured ribbons, shells and symbols.  The dirt floor is covered with fragrant herbs and a few woven straw mats.  At the bottom of the "Kiva", you see two small fires, whose smoke comes out of two openings in the ceiling.  These "ceremonial fires" represent the two worlds - the material and the spiritual - and the openings represent the channels or "antennae" that allow the perception of the subtle planes.  The smoke represents the way in which requests for help and prayers are directed to the Great Spirit. In the center, near a cauldron, is the Matriarch you came to look for.  Kneel down and expose your problem.  Then listen to your wise guidance echoing in your mind.  Then ask her to touch your chest, thus lighting the third fire, the loving flame of your own heart.  Feel the warmth of your blessing healing old wounds and dissolving all pain while the flame gives back courage, strength, faith and hope.  

Thank the Matriarch for the gift that gave her her innate gift back and commit to reestablishing ties with the Brotherhood of women, remembering and reliving ancestral wisdom.  that she will never be alone, since the Lunar Matriarch of her birth will always support and guide her.


Luciana Brito


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