What are Crystal Grids?

They are a powerful energy tool to use when we want to manifest our desires and goals.

It is a configuration of crystals arranged in a specific harmonic geometric shape, which focuses the energy for a particular purpose.

But what is the advantage of using the grid instead of just using the crystals?

The power of a crystal grid arises from the synergy created between the crystals, the pattern of sacred geometry and its intention. This combination strengthens your targeted intention and helps you manifest faster results, combined with healing techniques such as Reiki, Table Radionics, Tarot, Crystals, it becomes even more potent.

Using crystal grids, we can connect with the power of geometric patterns of life associated with specific crystal energies to expand, manifest, focus or align energies.

List of what we need to create a Crystal Grid:

  • A place to put it in your home, preferably one sacred place;

  • An paper sheet to write your intention / wishes;

  • THE chosen geometric pattern (in fabric, paper or a wooden board);

  • Chosen crystals according to the intention, how many crystals you will use, depends on your personal preference and intuition, also according to the chosen design;

  • a central crystal(preferably a quartz crystal tip, which will amplify the surrounding energies and which, due to the tip, will be more effective in directing your desire to the Universe, has the same effect as the pyramid, but you can use others if you prefer), the crystal in the middle it creates the virtual torus effect of energy, energy flowing in the form of a 360 degree thread, as in our harmonic energy field. Thus the crystal of the central transforms its intentions into vibrational frequency and transmits to the universe, the source of all energy.

You can leave the Crystal Grid with the same crystal configuration for as long as you like. However, it is common practice to change intentions with each New Moon.


1. Decide which intention / desire

2. Choose the crystals to use

3. Choose a location where you will leave the Crystal grid

4. Write your intentions on a sheet of paper

5. Start placing crystals in your chosen geometric design.

6. activate sacred geometry, imagine an energetic connection being activated when the quartz tip touches the geometry.

If you go reiki energy channel or other technique, once you have the crystal grid mounted in place, you can activate with chosen energy technique. Observe the energy passing from your hands and being attracted to the central stone. See the light of energy illuminating the center stone and then traveling out to the stones and stones of intention. Witness the universal life force by illuminating the entire grid. Keep the grid active until you feel it is done. If you are using your crystal grid for personal use, you can keep it in a sacred space and connect, meditate with it, every day.  Spend time aligning your energy with the grid energy. You will do this by focusing your attention on the intentions and their specific properties in mind.

You may find that you are drawing energy from your crystal grid through various chakras at different times. 

As you attract energy, allow each cell in your body to resonate with the same frequency as crystal grid energy. 


If you are using a Crystal grid for yourself, you can choose to add elements to the grid to further refine the focus of your chosen layout. You can write a positive statement and put it in your grid. Make sure that the statement includes the objective as if you have already achieved it and is specific.

You can use other elements like:

  • Flowers, symbols that you have an affinity with, 

  • Sacred Geometry, 

  • Candles, elementals, 

  • Decrees, affirmations, prayers

It is an amplifier that you're working on. 

Did you like the content? This material is part of my Rainbow Flower course - Integrated Quantum Therapies, the entire Rainbow team is available to answer questions with great care. Send a photo of your Grids to us, we will love to see your expressions of light through the bars of crystals.


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