What are the points in common between Reiki, Magnified Healing® and All Love?

In today's blog you will understand the common points of these 3 beautiful techniques that I am honored to practice and teach. Text was very well written by Portal Alnilam.

Both Reiki and Magnified Healing® work in the same direction as All-Love.

If we think and meditate on the message brought and present in the traditional Kanji of the word Reiki, as written at the time of Dr. Mikao Usui, we have that every being that is in perfect balance, connected with heaven and earth, is able to perceive and understand the Language and the energy of God (energy of the Source) bring it and keep it in your system in order to be able to expand this energy towards others, bringing abundance at all levels. Reiki brings us instruments of deep healing on many levels and when working our systems takes us back to our buddhic state, our divine state, our state of pure essence.

First we heal ourselves and re-connect to the God in us, we heal the other and the planet. Through its various levels, we expand our Divine Power (level I), our Divine Love and Divine Wisdom (level II) and become the energy of the Spirit (KING), through the balance and expansion of these energetic characteristics and the Three-fold Flame in us and through us.

Magnified Healing® works by reconnecting us to heaven and earth and opening and expanding our hearts. At each stage of his treatment, he takes us back to God, reminds us and helps us to return to the state of image and likeness to God (the Source) - our original state of creation. Magnified helps to consciously establish healing and transfiguration in all of our systems, anchoring our pillar of Light and our commitment to expanding Light on earth. We thus consciously make a commitment to return home (our true home) and to bring it into our being and our planet, and to be here on the planet one hundred percent present and in deep connection with the High. It also expands and balances the Divine Power, Wisdom and Love in us, expanding the triple flame of our heart to all levels of our being and transfiguring us into pure pillars of Light.

Consciously, every day, we assume our divine and bring the Spirit to inhabit and govern the physical body and the life of matter, which leads us to a unification and a permanent state of enlightenment in a very conscious and committed way.

All-Love aims at a deep dive into our being. Energy enters by unlocking our systems, healing very deep levels and recoding them to vibrate in another dimension and at an ever higher level. During the workshop, we take the student to a conscious connection with the energy brought from Above, from the first Source of creation, and with the Earth energy that unite and anchor in the heart, to expand through this center in perfect unification with o Everything there is.

The student experiences in his system his full power and his wisdom, and this causes him to vibrate in an energy of great love. In this way, an energy field is generated in their systems that allows the student to anchor and experience the Spirit in their bodies and systems. The more strongly this connection is made, the longer this state of perfection remains in us and through us. This strengthens more and more the awareness of who we truly are and what we are doing on this planet. The systems begin to be healed at very deep levels, taking us back to the strong connection with the Source and the Spirit, which starts to govern our existence and expand from us towards those around us. We are the pillars of energy on Earth and our mere presence can expand and heal in many directions.

In this way, it is clear that these three paths lead us to the same moment: connection with heaven and earth through our heart, leading us to a state of oneness with everything there is, bringing the Spirit into our physical body and for the life of matter. All roads lead us back to the God in us and the Source.

More smoothly or faster, we strengthen the awareness that we are the Light in the world and we begin to rule and govern our lives from the connection with our Spirit, with the Source in us. We become more and more aware that through us we can bring the many abodes of heaven to Earth, bringing the Garden of Eden to this moment, to our life, to our being.

Source: Portal Alnilam


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