What is a power animal?

Updated: Aug 10

Power Animal or Totem, is the animal that presents itself to us energetically in different moments of our life, bringing the characteristics that we need to work on. Within Shamanism, an power animal is one of the oldest and most important concepts - as it teaches us to live life and teaches how to deal with situations based on the teachings of nature, being an ally on your path for awakening.

Some people ask me, because there are different ways to see a power animal, this is because we receive these teachings from different tribes, and they vary from place to place, like the Choctaw, Dakota, Cheyenne, Cherokee, Seneca tribes, Maia, Aztec, Yaki, among others. And because of the richness of the traditions of these varied cultures, we received different views of our animal brothers as gifts.

In this way, I invite you, when any animal introduces itself intuitively, through meditation,

inspiration, concentrate on your heart and on the present moment, And ask what message they are bringing to you, observe how it behaves in nature, feel the strength and energy it brings to you.

There are several rituals, usually accompanied by the rhythmic beat of the drum or other percussion instrument, in which contact with the power animal is established, for example, the Animal Dance, in which the shaman invokes him, adapting his posture and gestures, until it merges with its nature.

You can communicate and summon the power animal that is in tune with you at that moment, the simple way to close your eyes, breathe, center, and ask your power animal to manifest, and live this experience with your heart and soul .

Different animals may appear throughout your life and at different times, the animal you need will be introduced to you. Also Remember, We are the presence I Am, we are divine particle, and we are one with all creation. I invite you to feel the presence of God, his oneness with God and nature through the connection with power animals.

Below is a list of characteristics of some animals:

Bee: It is the medicine of communication and organisation. Intense and harmonious work, nectar of life. Strengthens and harmonises groups. Evoke this medicine when you need it

put your ideas and opinions. It is necessary to put the things of the spirit more in balance with his


Eagle: It is the medicine of mental clarity. Enlightenment, broad vision, invoked for shamanic powers, courage, elevation of the spirit to great heights. The eagle helps us to see life in a broader context, allowing us to make decisions and set goals with clarity and objectivity, to see beyond. For shamans, the eagle is always a warning of initiation, mental cleansing, the light that comes with the sunrise.

Moose: It is the medicine of self-esteem and resistance. Evoke this energy to establish priorities,

self-confidence, interaction with people and skills to manage and delegate.

Antelope: It is the medicine of action with caution and intelligence. Wisdom to know the time to act or be still. We can evoke the antelope to feel these


Spider: It's the medicine of creating your dreams. It carries the message that you are an infinite being who will continue to weave the paths of your life, according to your free will. Evoke this medicine to inspire your creativity and weave your dreams until they become reality. To gain independence and courage, to break with traps that we create, whether spiritual or emotional. This is the spider grandma.

Donkey: It is the medicine of resistance and obstinacy. Great ability to make decisions with

firmness. Fix your opinion and know how to say no when necessary.

Whale: It is the medicine of records and wisdom of the earth. The old records of mother earth. Access your subconscious to explore your story. Evoke this energy also to relieve

your tensions and preserve your physical body. Connection with the universal mind.

Hummingbird: He is the messenger of healing. The hummingbird encourages us to find the sweetness and the joy of each situation. It brings softness to alleviate emotional conflicts. Evoke for happiness, for good luck and beauty. For some Brazilian Natives it represents the Presence of God, of the Creator.

Ox: It is the medicine of independence. Fight honestly for what is yours and feel better

the taste of your achievements. The ox warns you to stop stubborn. You need to move your body. Don't expect others to do everything for you. Sleep less, move around and meditate.

Have more Flexibility.

Butterfly: It is the medicine of transformation. Inspires us to transform difficult times into growth and evolution. Evoke this medicine to help us in our internal and external development for new stages of our life. Live every moment of your life aware of the cycle of self-transformation.

Buffalo: It is the medicine of spirituality, ancestral wisdom. Evoke in prayers so that prayers

are met. It works our inner peace and detachment. For North American Indians the buffalo is considered the most sacred animal, symbol of full abundance. Connection to


Goat: It's the medicine of determination to go ahead. Overcome obstacles, overcome difficulties and continue on your way towards the light, your higher self. Summon this energy to nourish yourself good humour and resilience.

Dog / Dog: It is the medicine of loyalty, of unconditional love. Are you being loyal to yourself, your ideals and your values? Evoke for protection and in decision making.

Camel: It is the medicine of tolerance. Break your self-resistance and feel more alive. Summon to obtain patience and manage resources.

Kangaroo: It is the medicine of maternal strength and protection and courage. Evoke when you feel fragile, when your inner child needs security and stability. Adapt to new situations and jump out of trouble.

Capybara: It is the medicine of fertility and maternity. Can be evoked for water skills. Team work.

Goat / Lamb: It is the medicine of trust and attention. Walk more attentively (o). Evoke this energy for more purity, gentleness and let the ram take you to your dreams.

Beaver: It is the medicine of the builder and maker of the animal kingdom. He teaches us the great lesson of doing. It also brings a strong sense of family and home. With the beaver we learn to build our lives with security, joy and strategy. Summon when you need alternatives. In building his home, the beaver always leaves many alternative escape routes for himself. In practice, it is a lesson for all of us, so as not to be in a dead end. There is always a exit in life. Use new channels of thinking. With the energy of this animal women

they develop a stronger side and man a sweeter side.

Horse: It is the medicine of personal power, of the Shamanic Days and the gift of clairvoyance. Evoke for freedom of spirit, to increase your inner power. Help us to become independent. It is linked to astral projection and teaches us to share our knowledge in the

beauty path.

Winged horse: Desire for elevation, transmutation, beauty, astral travel, new adventures, mystery, fascination.

Centaur: You are now ready to heal, but continue to be humble. Watch your mouth, hurry and exaggeration. Go slow. Animal instinct, human-animal connection, anarchy, sexuality, fertility, healing knowledge (Chiron).

Swan: It is the medicine of intuition, grace and beauty. Summon to smoothly navigate your

consciousness, developing your intuition or premonition.

Coala and Slot: Devote yourself more to your studies, you have a great baggage to be awakened. Then use it for your own benefit, tighten the pace.

Snake / Serpent: It is the medicine of transmutation. It is a symbol of healing and sensuality. It is associated with rebirth. The snake knows that it will have to change its skin and put aside old habits. Evoke snake medicine to adapt to life changes, for our regeneration and spiritual elevation.

Coelho / Hare: It is the medicine of fertility and growth. It is considered by the indigenous peoples the symbol of sustenance. Summon for abundance, growth and prosperity. The rabbit teaches us to be more careful.

Coyote: It is the medicine of good humour, optimism and malice. It symbolises the ability for you not to stray from the joy of life. Summon to succeed when you need to get out of trouble.

He encourages us to renew our innocence so that we can laugh more at the sacred irreverence of


Condor: It is the medicine of taking flights, with the attributes of the eagle. It represents the upper world. Fly farther, get out of the rut. Take it one step further.

Owl: It is the medicine of hidden abilities, wisdom and magic. She can see what we don't see. It is known as the night eagle on native medicinal wheels. Summon when you want to know the unexplored areas of consciousness. It has psychic powers and asks us to observe better and pay more attention.

Crow: It is the medicine of magic. Help with ceremonies. The ancient native chiefs say that the crow sees both the past, the present and the future simultaneously. The crow immerses itself in light and shadow, seeing both internal and external realities. The raven's primordial path speaks of being attentive to his opinions and actions. Be willing to put what you say into action. Balance your past, present and future in the now.

Dragon: It can work with both density and subtlety. If you use it for evil, one day it will burn you and abandon you, removing all the animals of power from your life, leaving you totally unprotected. All darkness will take over and you can become mentally ill. Manly power and strength,

protection, kundalini, heat, messenger of happiness, lord of rain, fertilization, vital force.

Elephant: It is the medicine of intelligence, of ancestral memory. It is necessary to change the routine and stop

always walk in the same way. Invest in yourself, in your strength, in your self-sufficiency. The elephant goes ahead, breaking down all obstacles, so you can pass without fear. It symbolizes intelligence, healing, protection and longevity.

White Elephant: Associate with shamanism and buddha healing work, such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Medicine and all the knowledge of the masters of the East. Strength, kindness, choice of paths, extraterrestrial connections, mystery.

Squirrel: It is the medicine of planning, aiming for the future. The main mission that the squirrel gives us is to preserve our energy, reserve ourselves for when we need it. Fun and future plans.

Sturgeon: Try to be more determined in your goals. Lose the fear of the river, learn to swim against the currents, do not walk in the corners of the rivers, as you may end up becoming prey for eagles and bears. Determination, sexuality, consistency, depth, teaching.

Falcon: It is the medicine of the great messenger, in life and dreams. Evoke to learn to look around and be attentive to details, to see and see details. It's the great spirit sendingmessages to be deciphered.

Phoenix: Rebirth, fascination, animal of the Sun, immortality of the soul, elevation, purification.

Ant: It is the medicine of patience, strategy and cooperation. It is the symbol of work well done, of resistance. Success through the effort of the perfect community. It brings together the power of five animals: the aggressiveness of the badger, the organisation of the bee, the resistance of the moose, the strength of the lion and the power of building the beaver.

Seagull: It is the medicine of freedom par excellence. Change in communication. Summon to doconnection with the realm of fairies, water spirits, to work in other dimensions. Summon toclean certain areas of our life.

Rooster: It is the medicine of haughtiness, sexuality and fertility. The power of the voice, protection of the family andof the community. Summon to hear your inner voice more.

Opossum: It is the medicine of the protection field. Summon when you need to change points of viewoutdated, to break paradigms and find new ways of seeing the same thing. Ifprotect by setting limits to avoid violence and confrontation. Act with strategy.

Goose: Paternal and maternal, work your fears, your anger and fight the hysterical side. Throw away your worries or nonsense. What does not belong to you, return to the original channels.

Cat: It is the Medicine of Magic and Mysteries. It is associated with sensuality and intuition. It can be evoked for independence, freedom, finding comfort, understanding about mysteries and hidden powers.

Hawk: It is the medicine of observation. Life is sending signals for you to see the obvious.Evoke this energy so you can fly and seek the truth within you.

Giraffe: It is the medicine of the high connection. The giraffe asks you to leave the earth a little and have more views of the sky. Evoke to connect more to the astral, higher world and also to see things through

new perspectives. Elevate your mind and thoughts to have more imagination to solve your problems. Clear the vision to see in advance what is coming. The giraffe brings an energy of softness and friendliness.

Dolphin: It is the Medicine of purity, joy and unconditional love. To evoke to create more harmony with nature, to dive into the depths of our being, for therapeutic purposes, to hear and understand our internal “sounds”. Its medicine inspires intelligence and fun, spreading joy in the world.

Gorilla: It is medicine of power and firmness. He is the guardian of the Earth. Evoke energy, strength, power andadaptability. Know how to listen to your own wisdom, walk further and have more firmness and power,

to have more inner peace and tolerance.

Blue Jay: Beware of your mental magic, know how to use the strength of your mind, because in the end everything comes back to yourself. Be more attentive and more organised, so you will know where you hid your seeds.

Raccoon: It is the medicine of cleaning and purification. You must clean and filter what comes to you, so you don't get intoxicated. Summon for skill in disguise, good humour, cleanliness, survival, tenacity, intelligence, revelry. A lot of skill with the hands.

Hippo: It is the medicine of grounding and psychic development. You need to celebratemore with water, because it calms the soul and its nerves. Seeing this animal is also a warning thatyour senses are beginning to be worked on. This energy teaches you to walk calm and alwaysfor the connection with all beings. Evoke for psychic development, intuition, water-ground connection, grounding.

Alligator: It is the medicine of the deep unconscious. We associate the Alligator or Crocodile, because they havethe eyes on the top of the head, the symbolism of a superior vision and seeing other planes. We

teaches how to transform aggressive energy into a positive energy of action. Summon to deep

vision and clairvoyance, survival instinct and the deep unconscious.

Jaguar: is the messenger between the soul and the waters of consciousness. The search in deep waters of the

conscience, messenger, interaction between mind and soul.

Boar: It is the medicine of communication and expressiveness. Peer communication,

expressiveness, intelligence. Evoke ability to guard against danger, expressiveness,

intelligence and courage. Ability to find the truth.

Lizard: It is the medicine of dreamers. The lizard may be saying to pay attention to your

dreams and symbols. Summon to leave old things and create new things. To renew, adapt to the new. Optimism, adaptability, regeneration, dreams, renewal and transformation.

Leo: It is the medicine of prosperity and leadership. Summon to give strength, vitality, sexual potency, courage. To increase self-confidence when faced with difficult, challenging tasks. To balance mind and heart, make the intelligence overcome the instinct.

Summon to have strength, power, strength, majesty, prosperity, nobility, courage, health, leadership,

security and self-confidence.

Leopard: It is the medicine of spiritual protection. According to the legend of shamans, the leopard, jaguars andocelots are prowling them in cures so as not to leave intruding spirits removed byreturn to the body of the person being healed. When they visit you on yourvisions is a sign that you are receiving a lot of spiritual protection to not get lost or give upthe way, so continue your searches steadily. Greater access to the conscious mind.Evoke for spiritual protection, knowledge of the subconscious, understand dark aspects and

speed in actions.

Dragonfly: It is the medicine of illusion, enlightenment, winds and change. This energy asks you to be more persevering in your goals, stay focused. The dragonfly brings great power to communicate with the elementary world. Evoke to mature ideas and self-control. Seek the wonders of life. To see through illusion. Be alert.

Lynx: It is the medicine of secrecy and hidden knowledge. For connection with ancestral mysteries and

development with psychic powers. Use your powers positively. Can be evoked to obtain an atmosphere of silence and concentration before acting and thus knowing important thingsabout yourself. Wise in inner secrets.

Wolf: It is the medicine of teaching, love and healthy relationships. For the natives it is themost faithful of animal guides. It is also the symbol of the tribe's teacher. The wolf is an explorer ofroutes, precursor of new ideas that returns to the tribe to teach and share medicine. OThe wolf's sense is very keen and the moon is his strength ally. Wolf medicine allows the teacher within us all to emerge and help the children of Earth to understand the Great Mystery of life. Summon to help eliminate our weaknesses and negative thoughts. For healthy family and loving relationships, fidelity, generosity, togetherness, the inner child, creative vision and learning new things.

Monkey: It is the medicine of joy, intelligence and communication. Summon to calmly perform important mental tasks. Intelligence, good humour, joy, agility, generosity, teaching. Use the monkey's joy in your daily life.

Bat: It is the medicine of rebirth. The bat has the power to see things hidden, even in thedarkness or with eyes closed, ability to see in the shadows and darkness. The bat's upside down position is related to what babies assume when they come into the worldthrough the woman's womb. It is the medicine of the initiation of rebirth. It may mean droppingold habits and take a new position in life. In all cases, the bat signals a process of rebirth in some area of ​​yourself or the death of old patterns. Evokefor rebirth, initiation, reincarnation, magical abilities.

Jaguar: It is the medicine of space protection. The jaguar is an animal that can at the same timescare and evoke immense respect. He's smart, agile, smart and has a very similar medicinewith that of the leopard: energetically helps the shamans in healing. Summon for space protection,silence, precision.

Jaguar / Leopard: The jaguar is an animal that can both frighten us and evoke immense respect. It is intelligent, agile, smart, and has the same function as the leopard: it helps shamans in healing. Lurking, protection of space, silence, observation. Precision.

Panther: It is the medicine of sensuality and healing. It also brings in its energy the courage, the liberation of instincts and the power. The panther brings powerful sexual energy to resolve trauma and sexual blockages. It is the feminine symbol of power, also linked to the moon. It helps to understand

shadows and mysteries. Evoke this energy for cleverness, eliminate fears, seduction and demarcate


Black Panther: The black panther is circling the shaman healer in circles to devour the spirit that causes pain. As soon as the shaman purges him, he cannot get past the panther's circle, which devours him as his food. Mystery, sensuality, sexuality, beauty, seduction, strength, flexibility.

Albin white panther: The same concept as the Black Panther, but it represents the symbol of shamanic courage and intuition. It is very agile and brings victories in any situation. However, she warns: everything has a beginning, middle and end. It does not feed on the intruding spirit, but the shaman circulates guarding his prey for when the black panther arrives, not letting the spirit escape the circle. It is a warning of the mysteries of the transformations that will occur in people's minds and lives. The white panther works with diseases of the intellect. Its mission is to work on people's fear, to teach how to face them and to learn from them.

Parrot: The first thing that occurs to us when we think of parrots is their ability to imitate. They reflect everything around them, tones of voice, noise, laughter. The parrot's energy is like a big universal mirror, and it doesn't lie, it just reflects what's out there.

Peacock: It is the medicine of psychic protection and beauty. It brings an energy to celebrate life. It has the energy for dances, plays and moving our bodies with sensuality and smoothness.Evoke for courage, good luck, serenity, beauty, grace, self-expression, ceremonial dancesand relaxation.

White Peacock: Awakening of sensitivity. Moments of peace and tranquility. However, stop charging yourself, get out of the accommodation and go look for self-help or an analyst. This will do you good, as you need to value yourself.

Peru: It is the medicine of donation, blessings and charity. It is also the symbol of good harvest and of honouring life. The turkey also has the energy to ward off bad spirits, bad energy and expandthird view. Evoke for connection with the energy of Mother Earth, giving and receiving, transcendence, gifts, celebration and nobility.

Woodpecker: This animal is connected to the great spirit of thunder, controls pests and especially ants and termites of the soul. Invoked for rain, regeneration, cleanliness, communication, protection. Its sound when poking the tree is connected with the thunder spirits, it is considered son of the thunder.

Penguin: It is the medicine of living in community and adapting to the new. Increases socialisation, to

be happy with your partner and marital fidelity. Understand female energy in men,

paternity. Evoke to preserve relationships and relationships, live in community, fidelity and loyalty in novels.

Pork: You need to escape more of the four walls, raise the antenna, look at people and understand their intentions. You either leave these walls, or you'll end up talking to them. Take good care of your health and your heart.

Porcupine: It is the medicine of faith, trust and innocence. The porcupine brings a great energy of faith and belief, that is, the ability to believe in a greater force that makes us flow with the movements of our life and also trust that what is best will come. Summon to have skills that we are currently needing. Good memory, intelligence, inspiration to perform, faith, confidence, release the inner child and joy of living.

White dove: In Christianity it symbolises the Holy Spirit, peace, communication, integration, message. You will achieve all your spiritual goals; luck and happiness coming. Peace, light, purity, sacrifice, happy, pure news, restoration of health. Browns: You need to work on forgiveness. Ashes: You need to work the sick mind. Black: Morbid news.

Puma: It is the medicine of leadership and the psyche. Connection with other kingdoms and mediumship. It works on silence and responsibility for ourselves. Summon to work the ability totake responsibilities. Strength, initiative, mystery, silence, survival, speed, grace,leadership and courage.

Fox: It is the medicine of cleverness and subtlety. Sensitivity is heightened and the mind quite intuitive. It is evoked for its harmonisation with nature. To react quickly to situations that

appear to feel more and create strategies. Intelligence, cunning and quickness in thoughts and actions.

Mouse: It is the medicine of attention and introspection. The rats work a great energy of

Evoke to become aware of the subtle things in your life. Learn to appreciate simple and small things. Self-preserve and observe the details.

Salmon: Strength, perseverance, swimming against the tide, determination, courage.

Frog: It is the medicine of purification and transformation. The frog is also evoked for fertility, love and evolution. Evoke to bring abundance, cleansing of negativities, creativity and connection with the Creator.

Satire: Libertinism, fun, sex drive, instincts, fantasies.

Turtle: It is the medicine of mother earth, longevity and protection. In native teachings

Americans, the turtle is the oldest symbol on planet Earth. It is also the symbol of stability. Like her, we must connect firmly with the Planet, nourishing ourselves to be firmly centred on our desired pace and goals. She uses water and land, her two homes, to teach us how to flow in harmony in the situations that arise. Summon to have stability, longevity, honour, patience, endurance, protection, experience, wisdom, organisation, build real estate, and to be in the right place at the right time.

Armadillo: It is medicine to establish limits. The armadillo is already dressed in armor on the back. The safety limits are part of your being. He can also roll like a ball and never let himself be penetrated by the enemy. He represents the breastplate of Mother Earth, the keeper of her secrets. It also represents the defence shield that we place in front of us, against everything and everyone. Summon to physical and emotional limits, protection and health.

Badger: It is the medicine of courage and aggressiveness, but this aggressiveness is not negative, but persistence in the struggle for your goals. This aggressiveness is to have courage, persistence

so that nothing or anyone will stop you from reaching your goals and your dreams. Evoke for persistence, communication in public, forming alliances, daring, initiative, acting in crisis and defence.

Tiger: It's the hunter's medicine and taking advantage of opportunities. It has the energy of power and ferocity, but also, meticulous preparation. The energy of the tiger asks to do good

plans and plans, reassess the situation and then act. The tiger devours evil influences.

Summon to act with caution, intelligence and speed, initiative, persistence and knowing how to take advantageto the opportunities.

Taurus: It is the medicine of potency, fertility and strength. It is evoked by passion and power. Your medicine also develops the warrior spirit within us. Protection against negative energy. Fertility, sexuality, power, leadership, protection, earth strength and potency.

Unicorn: It is connected to all the gifts of the arts, to psychography, to the purity and elevation of the soul. O unicorn is divine integration with the great spirit of heaven and earth. It is connected with an angel of painting called Pétrus, which opens the portal of the rainbow, so that everyone can, through paints and colours, express their love for nature. Speed, meekness, purity, salvation, spirituality, harmless, his only horn symbolises that he and the Father are ONE.

Bear: It is the medicine of introspection and Physical healing. The bear enters a cave and hibernates, digesting the experiences it has had. He reconnects with Mother Earth, in intense introspection, and then resurfaces in the spring of the soul, in a rebirth, when everything is springing up again. In this period nothing that is out there matters, only the remaking, the act of thinking about the actions taken, believing that the answers are within ourselves. Can be summoned for healing powers. It represents your inner healer, introspection and physical healing. The bear travels on the Warrior's spiritual paths. It indicates the path of physical healing in a broad sense that involves not only your physical body, but also your prosperity. It is also the portal of introspection, of the subconscious, the stillness, the silence of the soul that is necessary in life. How do you express yourself? Evoke for introspection, intuition, physical healing, awareness, teachings and redoing.

Polar Bear: Symbol of the strength of all power animals. It means the opening and arrival of happiness in the body and the soul. He has deep vision, sees great distances on the ice.

Panda Bear: The medicine of the panda bear teaches to be more aware of the dangers, not to be influenced by those who say they are our great friends, because there is always an intention and time will show it. Teaches how to take good care of secrets.

Grizzly Bear: The grizzly bear is the tracker of remedies and roots in the forest. It helps the shaman to find the right cure medicine.

Vulture: It is the medicine of cleaning, purification, deep cleaning. It is linked to fire or sun in various cultures, just like the shamans it uses the energies of the earth to its advantage. It does a sacred service for all beings, which is to clean decomposed animal material, avoiding potential diseases, never killing or injuring a living thing. It is also a symbol of love for the land. It symbolises life and death, prophetic gifts and mysteries.

Firefly / Firefly: The medicine of the firefly warns that all is not lost. There is a light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel and you are not alone. Try to light your interior and everything will be light. Enlightenment, understanding, life force, light and dark, wonders.

Deer: It is the medicine of kindness and delicacy. The deer asks us not to be bitter in life. Learn to live more freely and to celebrate life with nature. It works our own density and our tenderness. It evokes delicacy, sensitivity, grace, alertness, adaptability, connection, heart, spirit and kindness.

Zebra: It is the medicine of balance. To evoke for balance, clarity without filters, security in the way to be followed, to maintain individuality within a group.


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