Seichin is a Egyptian healing technique differs from other healing techniques by energy vibrations and the large number of symbols used as healing tools. It reaches higher energetic dimensions that help to solve problems of emotional, psychic and mental level; applicable to all living organisms (humans, animals and plants).
Like Reiki, it does not require the use of devices or equipment; the energies transmitted are not those of the operator. The system is a technique of retransmitting energy, using the operator as a channel. 

Seichim is only a plumbing instrument of Universal Energy. This technique seeks to balance the masculine and feminine energies of the divine power of transformation present in the human being. It uses sacred symbols and mantras to release deep-seated energetic blocks in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body and elevates the initiate to the path of ascension.


With the SEICHIM / SEKHEM energy, direct contact with the Higher Self and healing at the soul and monad level is possible.

The Seichim / Sekhem releases the energetic channels of the individual, enabling the awareness of all their other bodies, the development of clairvoyance, telepathy, conscious astral projection, among others.


  • Connects to the higher self and getting in touch with oneself.

  • Works on all levels of the aura and physical, emotional
    and mental stresses.

  • Increases the level of energy and vitality.

  • Increases the love of self and others.

  • Assists with loss, traumatic experiences, negative thoughts, self doubts, fears and irrational behaviours.

  • Increases sense of joy, connection and purpose.

  • Increases mental clarity and focus

Seichin course was developed for individuals with interest in learning healing techniques by energy vibrations and reaches higher energetic dimensions.


It is powerful hands-on  healing session with Luciana Brito. It will clear blockages and stagnant energy in your system, increase energy and create a greater sense of peace.


Distance healing is as powerful and effective as hands-on healing. It is suitable if you are unable to come in for an session or would like the healing energy to be sent to a family member or friends.

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